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Basil Hayden's Lineup Review

Although this isn’t all they have to offer, it is more than enough. When it comes to the price, taste, availability, style and all around experience, it's hard to find better options than Basil Hayden's lineup. 

 Basil Hayden's

Starting from left to right:


Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Coming in at 80 proof this is a good entry for new Bourbon drinkers. Although die hard Bourbon fans love a drink with a high proof at least above 100, this is still a go-to for most. A lot of taste without a strong bite. This is a personal favorite from the design to the taste and a bottle I seemed to always bring me back. 


10 Year  Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Basil Hayden’s is known for its concept of an easy-drinking bourbon. Not the strongest barrel-proof, just the keep it neat drink. This bottle is every bit of that. Released in the year 2020 with limited orders this isn’t an easy to find bottle for retail at $69.99. With higher resell prices, some say it may not be worth it for only 80 proof. 


10 Year Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

Released in May 2020 this bottle offers a slight spice but approachable rye. This is Basil Hayden’s first rye whiskey with a distinguished of an age statement. Bottled at 80 proof, this light, yet full-flavored, rye is sure to please any palate. 

 Serving neat, with a drop of water, or on the rocks opens up all of the flavors that were developed from ten years of aging, such as spice, oak, caramel, and tobacco. This rye can be easily enjoyed without the burn associated with higher-proof whiskeys” - Basil Hayden’s


Dark Rye

This is a limited release, with blends of the classic Kentucky Rye rich with oak, spice and dried fruit notes with Canadian Rye from the award-winning Alberta Distillery, adding unique depth and a viscous mouthfeel. It is then finished with a touch of CA port for juicy ripe fruit notes. Launched October 2017, Dark Rye is a new permanent addition to Basil Hayden's lineup. This is listed as a "whiskey specialty" so not a true rye whiskey as such. 


Basil Hayden's

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