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A toast to the end of summer.

For Whiskey Wednesday we have Basil Hayden’s new Toast. It seems to be a new trend for whiskeys to start ageing in “Toasted” barrels that have been catching on. The standard for whiskeys are aged in “Charred” barrels. A small distinction but the end process is a big difference. Little known fact, bourbons are federally required to be aged in “charred” barrels. 

Basil Hayden Toast

Now for the taste.

Just like Basil Hayden’s other offerings, this is coming in at 80 proof. The 1st sniff I imagined that it was going to be on the sweeter side, but I was wrong. There is a semi-sweet taste initially but then transitions into a more spicier bite on the tongue. Unclear on how long these will be on the shelf but I suggest adding it to your collection. 

Price: ± $49.99

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